Episode 3: Have You Been Pwned?

Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Episode 3: Have You Been Pwned?

On today’s episode we ask, “Have you been pwned?” More likely than not, yes you have, which means information about you is available on the dark web. What’s the dark web? It’s where data—from passwords to social security numbers and credit card information—is bought and sold, fueling cybercrime. It’s the big data for what has become a big business.

Today I’ll share why being pwned is a problem and how you can safely discover what the dark web knows about you. Then of course we finish with easy and inexpensive ways you can minimize the harm done and learn from the experience to safeguard yourself—and your business—from future cybersecurity threats. [You can find the transcript for today’s episode here.]


‘;–have i been pwned?
Verifications.io breach
Monster.com breach
Mozilla Firefox Monitor
How to limit your digital footprint (@NCSC.gov.uk)
Digital Journal interview with Cindy Provin


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