Cybersecurity for Freelancers, Lean Startups, Solo Practitioners, & Other Growing Businesses

Think your business is too small to have robust cybersecurity? Think again! You can do it!

Welcome to DCC Cyber—a cybersecurity resource for freelancers, solo practitioners, lean startups, and other small businesses. DCC Cyber group helps these enterprises develop cybersecurity plans scaled to fit their business (and budget) to protect their and their clients’ sensitive and proprietary data.

Each week (often more frequently), we add information about cyber threats and cybersecurity of interest to small businesses to our blog.  We also tweet about emerging cybersecurity issues likely to impact freelancers and other small businesses. And, when we find resources we think you’d like, we add them to our list of cybersecurity resources.

With the hardening of large corporate and government targets, the consultants and other small business contractors who service these entities (that would be you!) have increasingly become attractive points of access for those systems . . . and become targets themselves. Nearly half of small- and mid-sized businesses experienced a data breach last year–with the number of small businesses affected increasing by 6%. Of those breached, 25% relied on security measures designed for use by individuals, not businesses (read more here).

Ready to make your business cybersecure? The Freelancer’s Guide to Cybersecurity, an on-demand webinar, guides freelancers, solo practitioners, lean startups, and other small businesses through how to assess their cyber vulnerabilities and address them using free or low-cost tools in combination with some new online habits. Seminar attendees receive the Freelancer’s Guide to Cybersecurity Checklist to guide them through the process. The cybersecurity resources list, available to everyone, provides users with solutions scaled to their business size, and many of them are free.

At DCC Cyber, our mission is to help freelancers and entrepreneurs develop and implement cybersecurity plans to protect their sensitive data and proprietary information. Stay cyber safe!