Episode 6: Are Your Consultants & Employees Broadcasting Your Company Secrets From Their Home Offices?

Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Episode 6: Are Your Consultants & Employees Broadcasting Your Company Secrets From Their Home Offices?

On today’s podcast, we address the question: Are your consultants and employees broadcasting your company secrets from their home offices?
Are your contractors, consultants, and employees adequately protecting your sensitive information and intellectual property when they work from home?

As we have reported before, smart home devices with speakers—for example, Siri, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home, even Ring doorbells and baby monitors—are always on, always listening and, often, recording voices in the home and home office without the user’s knowledge.

So, what about the supply chain for intellectual property projects, all of the teams with freelancers and consultants working off-site who handle sensitive data? Are these teams actively preventing these breaches? Given the liability outlined in the contracts I’ve seen in the pharma industry lately, you’d be a fool not to consider the threat these devices pose to the security of your clients’ data…and your financial and legal well-being as a 1099 worker signing those contracts.

Today, learn how to keep confidential information confidential when working from your smart home.

[You can find the transcript for today’s episode here.]

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