Tips & Tricks #2: Update Your Wi-fi Router

Keep your wi-fi router updated

Many freelancers and other consultants work from home and work on a wi-fi network scaled up from their home system. Once the wi-fi modem/router is installed, they forget about it as long as it is working.

Wi-fi routers need to be maintained, like any other part of your network. They run on software, and, like other software and apps you use, need to be kept updated. Here are a couple of ways to assure your update goes smoothly.

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If you get your internet access via a cable company, updates are pushed to your system. If you do not get your internet via your cable provider, you may need to manually update your router. Updates and instructions for how to update your specific router are available through the web site of the router’s manufacturer.

Before you update:

    1. Verify the update you download to your computer is valid. That is, check the name and size of the file against the information about the update provided by the manufacturer to assure a corrupt file has not been swapped for the update by a bad actor.
    2. Back up your router settings before you update the software. If something goes wrong with the update, this will be a great help in getting your router back in working order.

Don’t be intimidated by your wi-fi router. It’s an integral part of your network’s cybersecurity. (How to secure your router: Tips and Tricks #1: Secure Your Wi-fi Router) Often the initial installation experience causes users to avoid tinkering with it at all costs. But after a couple of easy forays into router maintenance, you will wonder what all the fuss was ever about.


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