Episode 7: The Danger of Cutting Corners

Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Episode 7: The Danger of Cutting Corners

Many freelancers cut corners by using versions of software designed for the “home” user market, rather than versions for small businesses. This can be a problem when the software doesn’t have the functionality they require, especially security functionality. What can be worse is when freelancers double-down on this budget approach and load freeware onto their devices, then expect modest home anti-virus programs to fully support their cybersecurity needs.

We all know I am all about being thrifty, but there is a tipping point when your thriftiness threatens your security and your ability to do business. Today I discuss a couple of areas in which you do not want to cut corners.

[You can find the transcript for today’s episode here.]

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