Episode 8: Boost Your Bandwidth

Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Freelancer's Guide to Cybersecurity
Episode 8: Boost Your Bandwidth

Stretching your Wi-fi to its limits? Is the Wi-fi set up that served your freelance work load well now struggling to handle the pandemic reality of multiple people working and studying from home? Does your Wi-fi’s strength limit where people can work and study in your home?

The Wi-fi that worked reliably for my freelance business didn’t cover the whole house very well–which became a significant problem when everyone abruptly started working and studying remotely from home this Spring. Suddenly, four people were simultaneously streaming lectures and attending meetings and classes (including orchestra rehearsals!) on videoconferencing platforms. The Wi-fi struggled and limited where we could comfortably work with reliable Wi-fi access. It was not sustainable.

In this week’s episode, I share how I easily, inexpensively, and securely boosted the Wi-fi bandwidth, transforming a house with an untenable Wi-fi situation into a comfortable workspace with ample Wi-fi for four people.

If your Wi-fi is giving you grief and limiting your workspace, you need to catch this week’s episode.

[You can find the transcript for today’s episode here.]

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