Upgrading Your Phone? 4 Things You Should Do First

Getting a new phone for the holidays? Before your dispose of it, give it to one of your kids, or trade it in for credit toward a new phone, the FTC suggests you do these 4 things first:

      1. Back up your data.
      2. Remove SIM and SD cards
      3. Erase your personal information.
      4. Verify that your personal information was deleted.

From photos and texts to passwords and emails, your personal and financial security relies on taking a few minutes to follow these steps.

4 things you should do before you trade in your phone

Details on how to perform each step can be found here. Instructions are given for iPhones and Android phones, so make it happen!

Getting rid of your phone (or other electronic device)? You still should sanitize the device of all personal information. Then donate or recycle the device. For a guide to how and where you can donate and recycle devices, visit this guide.