Coronavirus Spreading Computer Viruses

Coronavirus is providing the perfect cover for spreading ransomware. Here’s how it’s being done and how you can avoid becoming a virtual victim of coronavirus.

Updated: 09 March 2020

Coronavirus is providing bad actors with the perfect cover for spreading computer viruses through alarming emails under the pretense of offering information on how to avoid the virus. Ironic, but just another variant on your basic phishing email.

Remember, phishers will use whatever subject hits people at a visceral level, leading them to ignore their good senses and start clicking. So, take a quick breath before opening any links or attachments in emails from anyone, but especially from complete strangers, REGARDLESS OF SUBJECT.

Early emails targeted Japan, probably because of the level of anxiety being felt in the region due to the close, imminent threat of coronavirus in the region. But, as coronavirus spreads, the phishing spreads with it. So be vigilant, and don’t let coronavirus give you…a virus.

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