Have You Been Pwned? Probably Yes, So Here’s What You Do

What do hackers know about you (and your small business)? Here’s how to find out what they know and protect yourself (and your business) moving forward.

Obviously, changing your password to a site that has been breached can go a long way to safeguarding your cybersecurity . . . on that site. Because, consider this: Hackers aggregate their breach data, and every bit of data from each breach—even if it’s just your username and your password (which you have subsequently changed)—helps hackers create a more complete profile of you. All of this information, when aggregated, is your digital footprint.

Like a mosaic–in which separate, individual tiles have little value but in the aggregate form a complete picture–individual bits of data may have limited value, but taken together pose a very real threat to your cybersecurity. And when that data is breached from online accounts and corporate databases and made available to bad actors (hackers) . . . you’ve been pwned.

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